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Study Abroad Consultants in Thane | Jamboree Education

At Jamboree Education, we make sure to address not only your prep needs, but also admissions requirements. Our overseas education consultancy in Thane offers complete admissions support right from profile building to pre-departure preparation. Whether it UG, MS or MBA admissions, we make sure to help you target the best of universities are per your profile and your preferences. We take you step by step through university shortlisting, crafting and editing your essays as well as SOPs, helping you with your letters of recommendation, preparing you for your interviews and finally pre-departure preparations. We also help with accommodation, study loans, visa guidance and a host of value-added services to simplify your study abroad journey.

That our admissions strategy works, has been evident from our year-on-year successful admits in almost all study abroad destinations across the world - USA, Canada, UK, France, Singapore, Australia/NZ and others.

Our writers, editors and counselors are all experts in their field and are the key to making us the top study abroad consultant in Thane. With the single-minded focus of helping you reach your dream university, our admissions team works tirelessly till you receive your coveted acceptance letter.

Study Abroad: Roadmap to your Dream College

Profile Assessment & Building:

Profile evaluation is the first step in the journey to your dream university. The process aims to understand the strengths and weaknesses of students and help them build a profile that top universities accept.

At Jamboree, we evaluate your profile on several parameters like academic standing, extracurricular activities, work experience, etc., to define the roadmap to build a winning profile.

University & Country Options:

Every student aspires to study in a particular country and college. Students come to us with a list of their choices. At Jamboree, we understand your aspirations, guide you through the university requirements & give you a clear picture of your chances of getting an admit from the list of colleges you have shared.

Test Preparation:

Your test scores qualify you to pursue a degree from top universities like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale, ISB, INSEAD, UCD, TCD, etc.

Jamboree is the test prep leader and has guided thousands of students to reach their dream colleges with the right score. At Jamboree, our test prep programs are designed to ensure that you learn what is required – nothing more, nothing less.

University Shortlisting:

There is a right university for every candidate depending on his profile. At Jamboree, we track the experiences & professional journeys of our students, based on which we match your profile to our database of colleges & help you with a target shortlist to maximize your chances of admission but also enhance your career prospects in the future.


Essays, Statements of Purpose, and letters of recommendation enhance your college application. At Jamboree, we understand that a good essay and SOP are not about the quality of language but you as a person and your story. Thus, while taking your inputs, we work on your documents to create a compelling narrative.

Put your best foot forward and stand out from the sea of applicants with Jamboree.

Interview Prep:

Interviews are often the last and vital step in your application process. After the initial application process, shortlisted candidates are interviewed to assess their communication skills, maturity level, and decision to pursue the post-graduation.

We, at Jamboree, believe that interviewing is a skill that can be enhanced by guidance and practice. Thousands of our students have benefited from our rigorous interview preparation methods.

Funding Your Degree:

At Jamboree, we start by listing down all the possible scholarships a student can get based on his background and scores. Once the scholarships are identified, mentors at Jamboree help the students with the application process, like documentation, essays, etc.

6 REASONS Why You Must Join Jamboree's Study Overseas Consultation

Track Record

Unbeatable track record of admits at universities across the globe

Expert Team

Undivided attention by a dedicated expert team of mentors, editors and counsellors

Application Review

Unlimited number of iterations to application documents

University Shortlists

Database driven shortlisting to find your best fit

Interview Training

Unparalleled training on mock interviews: one-on-one, recorded, informative, evaluative

Pre-departure Orientation

Unmatched visa counseling, pre-departure orientation and value-added services

Study Destination
  • UK
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • New zealand
  • Ireland


  • Head Office :
    Cosmos Vijay, 301, 3rd floor, opposite Jagdish book depot, Thane West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400602

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