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Maharashtra University Examinations: Final Year Exams To Be Held In July; Exams For First And Second Year Cancelled

Mumbai Education News | Maharashtra University Examinations: Final Year Exams To Be Held In July; Exams For First And Second Year Cancelled

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Uday Samant, in a Facebook LIVE on May 8, announced the schedule based on UGC guidelines. Examinations for final year students will be held as per schedule in July 2020, and if lockdown continues, the decision will be reconsidered post June 20, 2020.

Maharashtra State Minister of Higher Education, Uday Samant, in a recent meeting with the University Vice Chancellors and others from the committee, prepared a report about the plans ahead for the pending University examinations, new admissions for 2020-21 and others. This report was submitted to the state government officials and discussed in detail with CM Uddhav Thackeray. Samant also took to Twitter to share same, and the schedule for University Exams were announced on Friday, May 8, 2020, via Facebook LIVE.

  • 1. No examinations will be held for students except final year students, i.e. examinations for semester 1-5 are cancelled. Their results will be based on previous examinations and universities will follow the guidelines issued by the UGC.

  • 2. If the students wish to improve their exams, they can appear for examinations again, based on university terms and schedules.

  • 3. Final year exams will be held between July 1 and June 30, based on UGC guidelines. If the lockdown continues, we will make a decision again after June 20, 2020. Since this is important for students' career, we will give this importance throughout the lockdown.

  • 4. State-level common entrance exams for undergraduate courses to be held between July 1-15, and for postgraduate courses, these will be scheduled between July 26-30

  • 5. Students with ATKT will also be promoted to next year. However, they will have to clear their papers within 120 days once the term begins

The University Grants Commission (UGC) recently released guidelines regarding the pending examinations and admission process for the new academic year. Looking at the nation-wide scenario, the guidelines suggested universities to plan for online coaching and improve the existing infrastructure thereby ensuring that the classes are not missed. Further, there were directives suggested for MPhil and PhD students too.

The report on the UGC website mentioned that the admission process for the new academic year can be held in August 2020, and the classes for students moving to second and third year can begin from August 1, 2020. Classes for the first-year students (fresh batch) can commence from September 1, 2020.

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