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CommLab India came into existence 20 years back with a vision was to empower employees and businesses worldwide with great learning – any time, any place, and later (when mobile technologies came on the scene), on any device as well. Today we serve 100+ customers in 30 countries.

We help you to achieve business results with our Rapid elearning solutions supported by our authoring tool expertise.

The WHAT, WHY, & HOW of Rapid eLearning Solutions

WHAT are Rapid eLearning Solutions?

Unlike conventional eLearning, Rapid eLearning helps organizations rollout eLearning courses within weeks, leveraging authoring tools. It makes it easy to disseminate information faster and is best suited when learners need regular updates or quick access to learning. And contrary to popular misconceptions, it doesn’t compromise on course quality. Rapid eLearning is based on robust instructional design, while eliminating the bells and whistles.

You need to train your employees so that their time to proficiency is minimized. You are expected to deliver training lightning fast and show immediate results in terms of improved Sales, Efficiencies, or Compliance.

And you can do all this with rapid eLearning design and development!

HOW can Rapid eLearning Solutions help you Achieve your Business Results?

Business results can be summed up as “Sell More (Sales & Marketing)”, “Improve Efficiencies (Processes, Software and Onboarding)” and “Stay Compliant (Legal & Safety)”.

Sell more with Rapid Learning

eLearning for product sales training is 50-70% cheaper than classroom training. Use rapid eLearning to blend eLearning with classroom training and overcome the challenges of logistics, dearth of qualified SMEs, just-in-time learning requirements, and relatively higher cost.

Improve Onboarding with Rapid eLearning

Onboarding of your large, globally dispersed, multilingual workforce can be a huge challenge, even without the added hassle of getting all your trainers together! Rapid eLearning is now the go-to solution in L&D to design and deliver onboarding.

Improve Software Training Efficiency

If you need to quickly train your employees on enterprise software (e.g., SAP, Workday, Salesforce, etc.), Rapid eLearning is the way to go.

Stay Compliant with Rapid eLearning

Though you are legally bound to offer compliance training to employees, the very thought can be daunting, what with regulations changing from industry to industry and country to country. The fact that compliance training is typically dry and sometimes incomprehensible (“legalese”) can add to your woes as do the scarcity of classroom trainers and the painful logistics involved.

Rapid eLearning helps you overcome these problems through scenario-based or story-telling instructional strategies that mimic real life and enable your learners to apply regulatory concepts in practice.

Stay Safe with Rapid Learning

It’s surprising but true that even for safety training that requires hands-on practice, most of the concepts and theory can be taught effectively via eLearning, even better than in a classroom!

Services we offer:

1.ILT to Elearning Curriculum states to convert classroom material into eLearning Curriculums. How?

eLearning designers with a background in both classroom training and eLearning can transform your training material (PowerPoint decks, facilitator guides, and participant handouts) into instructionally sound, impactful, and engaging eLearning curriculums.

Why is eLearning curriculum better?

Better retention rates: Unlike most learning acquired in the classroom that is forgotten within a week after training, retention and recall is better when ILT materials are converted to an eLearning curriculum Better completion rates: Yes, and these short micromodules can be delivered on mobile devices for refresher and just-in-time learning.

2.Convert flash courses to HTML5

Convert Flash-based eLearning courses into HTML5 so that they run on multiple devices and platforms. Can update content and branding for better connect. Repurpose content into micro modules for improved adoption.

3.eLearning Translations

By translating your master course in English into multiple languages, you can ensure your employees around the world have access to the same quality of training in their language, thereby increasing the chances for improving their performance.

4.Authoring Expertise

Curriculums including microlearning nuggets, mobile learning and digital job-aids that need to be rolled out in quickly. Multiple courseware requirements for various types of content. Courses with responsive design and need translations into multiple languages.

Tools that we use are:

  • Articulate Storyline
  • Lectora Inspire
  • Adobe Captivate
  • iSpring
  • domInKnow

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